[Swift]  How to make a gradation

I wrote how to make gradient Button, Text and View in Swift. It also describes the measures to be taken when the gradation is applied on the iPhone12 Pro Max and it cuts off in the middle.

[Swift] Try setting background, Border, rounded corners on UIButton

I tried to make buttons with rounded corners and shadows, images and titles, and circler buttons

[Swift] Try setting various settings such as background, outer frame, rounded corners in UILabel

I played around with Label. There are too many to introduce all of them, so I'm introducing the codes that I often use and the codes that I wish I had.

【Swift】How to change the color of Text

The code changes the Text color in System color, RGB, and color code. Please refer to it when changing the text color of labels and text.

[Swift] iOS font list

[Swift] [Xcode] List of iOS fonts. I refer to it so that I can compare it with different fonts.